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A survey for variable young stars with small telescopes: First results from HOYS-CAPS
D. Froebrich , J. Campbell-White , A. Scholz , J. Eislöffel , T. Zegmott †, S.J. Billington †, J. Donohoe †, S.V. Makin †, R. Hibbert †, R.J. Newport, R. Pickard, N. Quinn, T. Rodda, G. Piehler, M. Shelley, S. Parkinson, K. Wiersema, I. Walton, MNRAS: MN-18-0045-MJ.R2, Accepted 2018 April 22. Received 2018 April 11; in original form 2018 January 05

Photometric Monitoring of nearby young Clusters as a Citizen Science Project(*)
Dirk Froebrich, S.V.Makin, J. Campbell-White, J. Donohoe R. Pickard, N. Quinn, T. Rodda, S. Parkinson, M. Shelley, I. Walton, G.Piehler
Poster at Star Formation 2016 Conference in Exeter, 24.08.2016 

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